Universe & Dani

I am me, the universe and you

18 August 1983
"This is a mistake which I seem to make eternally, that I imagine the sufferings of others as far greater than they really are. Ever since my childhood, the proposition 'my greatest dangers lie in pity' has been confirmed again and again."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Hmm, what can I possibly say about myself? I'm sort of one of those kind of people...who marches to her own beat, if that makes sense. I am an oil field wife...which means I have a lot of time spent husbandless, but nonetheless, he's my best friend and I still enjoy spending as much time with him as possible. We have 8 year old twins (boy, time flies) and I homeschool them...Something I thought I'd NEVER do! I'm also a photographer and also teach photography and photoshop at a local community college!

I keep it pretty private in my journal, so if you want to read, you'll have to comment to be added.

Things you should know before you add me:
1.I'm flawed...oh I'm so flawed, but I'll call you on your bullshit in a second, so don't expect lollipops and rainbows.
2.I am a Christian...I question this a lot, using philosophy, because it's my weapon of choice in most of my decision making....sometimes this leads me down a dark path, but I always return, and I try to hold on to some shreds of morality-- so if you're a creepy stalker type, wrong journal for you.
3.I write about the ups and downs of dealing with mental illness 365 24/7- and some entries are happy, and some are just sad and dark.
This is me, Take it or leave it.

I will tell you though, it's not all bad. I'm a sweet, kind, giving girl, who will go out of my way to help a stranger w/out a 2nd though... I wish everyone lived this way. I have lived life the opposite of this for far too long, and I'm never going back there- So, please, don't try to take advantage, you will lose in the long run.