dani (twindaw) wrote,

oh snap...yes im going there

You know....I have stayed pretty quiet on my disdain for obama, and for our current government. You all know I don't tend to go on political rants...
But this is ridiculous....I truly believe the majority (no, not all of you, because I know my friends on here are quite the self educators) of people who are for socialized health care are rushing into it w/out valid information- please, for the love of god, learn people...learn your own bheliefs and know all the tiny details you can...

I whole heartedly agree that health care in the us must be reformed- but I don't think it must happen so rapidly, and at the cost of buying into something at the loss of what "the people" really want. I agree with so much of the "left's" progressive nature, but why are we excusing lies, literally buying government votes, and etc. WHY has this become the norm and WHY are we okay with "dirty politicians?"

I know...this is all over your friend pages, different entries, different views, and such- and you probably skim over this as you will the rest of them... but ask yourself, truly, at what loss are we deciding to rush this and excuse the nasty behaviors of our politicians? I don't care what side you're on, ask yourself - why are we allowing the government to be something it wasn't supposed to be- government run- I want to make my own health care decisions, and I want my kids to have that freedom as well. When will this society stop feeling sorry for themselves and expecting the hand out? Why have so many of us been raised to believe this mentality?

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